High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters Birmingham

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High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters Birmingham

High heat retention electric storage heaters across Birmingham, Moseley, Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Smethwick, Aston, Edgbaston, Hockley, Satley, Small Heath, Northfield, Lozells and surrounding areas.

High heat retention electric storage heaters enable you to enhance your home in a sustainable way that reduces overall carbon emissions.

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Why Choose High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters?

A high heat retention electric storage heater is a domestic heater that stores thermal energy and releases it back into your home when you need it. With this in mind, they are a fantastic solution for converting cheap night-time, off-peak electricity to use as thermal energy during peak times. A notable factor of high heat electric retention storage heaters is that they are much more energy efficient than their alternatives and predecessors. The designs that we offer comprise better insulation to preserve the stored heat longer, which means that you can rest assured that they’ll serve as a fantastic new addition to your property that will work to keep you warm and comfortable during those colder winter months.

  • A practical, sustainable way to keep your home warm
  • An updated design means that they are able to store more heat
  • LCD display enables you to see heat input and output levels
  • Intelligent control systems learn your heating requirements
  • Can reduce your annual energy bills

How to Get a High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heater

High heat retention electric storage heaters can be installed into a wide variety of property styles, so there is no reason for you to miss out on the quality on offer. It won’t matter if your home is modern, traditional, period, heritage, or new build, as long as you have a working electricity supply we can offer you a fantastic solution. Simply speak to a member of our friendly team to find out if an electric storage heater is the right choice for you. Alongside their sustainability, they also serve as an ideal heating solution when renovating an old property without a gas supply. It is important to note that high heat retention electric storage heaters only provide warmth for your home, you will still need a separate system to provide hot water to your property.

High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters at a Glance

A Way to Save Money

Homeowners on a time-of-use electricity tariff will benefit more from an electric storage heater, as they usually pay a cheaper rate for their energy at certain times. With this in mind, high heat retention electric storage heaters are able to offer you a cheaper annual heating bill as you can warm your home during peak times without the need to pay peak prices.

Modern Design

To ensure they stand up to specification, our high heat retention electric storage heaters meet the minimum energy efficiency rating of 38% for a heat output above 250w. We also offer a range of additional features for you to enjoy, including digital programmers, open window sensors, electronic room temperature controls, and wi-fi controls: all of which will aid in giving you the best heating experience possible.

Professionally Installed

Getting an electric storage heater installed by our professional team ensures it will both perform and look exactly as it should. We are well versed in installing these systems, always working to the highest standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency, promptness, and respect for your home. With Alpha Building and Heating Ltd, you’ll be able to enhance your home sooner and easier.

Installation Process


Electric heaters can be controlled by dials on the side, through a switch on the plug and sometimes even by remote. It depends entirely on which model you select!

This can be a little tricky to approach, as storage heaters are required to charge overnight. This means that any changes you do make to your heater won’t take effect until the following night. However, the modern storage heaters we stock are equipped with features to overcome this.

Although this is possible, we always recommend that you buy the correct heater for your room size, location, and insulation. This way, your heater won’t have to overwork in order to achieve the desired temperature: which will cause you to spend more on your heating bills!

Electric Storage Heater Prices

Get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our friendly team, who will be more than happy to offer you an electric storage heater quote. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via this method should you have any questions.

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