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High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters with Alpha


Keep your Walsall home warm with our high heat retention electric storage heaters. Opt for a sustainable way to heat your home with Alpha. We provide a cost-effective solution that enhances your Walsall home, keeping you at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.


We install high heat retention electric storage heaters in a range of home styles, from more traditional and period properties to modern builds. All we need is working electricity supply and we can go ahead. For an older Walsall home without a gas supply, these are the perfect solution.


What is a High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heater?

As the name suggests, the high heat retention electric storage has expert thermal retention energy. It then lets heat back into your home whenever you choose. Favoured in domestic properties, these heaters bring value to your Walsall property.


The heating uses electricity during the night-time that would previously be wasted. Then during peak times, it utilises this energy by turning it into heat.

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Energy Efficient

While conventional heaters constantly burn gas, oil, or electricity, our high heat retention electric storage heaters are different. The alternatives on the market consume fuel to create heat. This is incredibly inefficient and is not at all sustainable.

The solution to storing energy until it’s needed is much more economical as it reduces your environmental impact. As a much more energy-efficient way of supplying heat to your Walsall home, this is the obvious choice of heater.


It’s fundamental to keep your energy bills low, not only for your benefit but for your carbon footprint too. A time-of-use tariff works hand in hand with our resourceful, high heat retention electric storage heaters. This is because they offer a cheaper rate for energy.

Throughout the year, you will notice your heating bills reduce. This ensures you’ve made a long-term investment that will save you in the long run.

Additional Features

Along with our high heat retention electric storage heaters, we offer additional features to ensure you get the most out of your product. We offer digital programs, open window sensors, wi-fi controls and electronic room temperature controls.

We strive to provide the best for our Walsall customers, ensuring you can utilise your installation as best as possible. Our easy to use systems and controls mean you can relax with your new heater.

Our Process:

Our team of professionals here at Alpha have years of experience in installing top quality products. Our exceptional high heat retention electric storage heaters provide both good looks and performance.


We carry out installations with great car, ensuring promptness and efficiency. All our projects begin with a survey, where we decide on the position of the heater. This is so your product is fit for purpose. Once we decide on the optimum positioning, we will fit a new socket and install the wiring. This will have minimal impact on your schedule.


The high heat retention electric storage heater will then be expertly installed. We continuously test to make sure it is all in working order for you. Finally, we cover the wiring and electrics to hide any unattractive components. We ensure there is no mess and any excess trim is removed.


We will leave you with any of the optional extras with your high heat retention electric storage heater. Additionally, we will thoroughly explain how to control it to optimise your usage. We will offer any advice for maintaining your heater. We will always be on hand to ensure you enjoy your new heating.


Storage heaters require charge overnight. This makes it tricky for changes to take effect immediately, as they usually change the following night. But our modern storage heaters allow for changes to take place immediately.

There’s a variety of ways to control your high heat retention electric storage heater. Either by the dials on the side, a switch on the plug, or if you choose, by remote. Get in touch to see our options.

We recommended you buy a heater that fits the size and requirements of your room. We also recommend one that works efficiently with the insulation. Smaller heaters tend to overwork to heat your Walsall home, meaning you spend more in the long run.

High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters Prices Walsall


We are specialist installers in building and heating, with years of experience in home improvements. Our skilled professionals provide exceptional customer service through the entire process.

Each installation in Walsall will vary in price based on the size of your property and additional extras. We offer our customers competitive prices across our entire range of products.

Get in touch today for a non-obligatory quote for your new high heat retention electric storage heater. Fill out the information on our contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, give our office a call on 0121 289 5815‬, and we’ll do our best to answer any queries you have.


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