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We offer a range of insulation services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Whether you need internal wall insulation, external wall insulation, loft insulation or room in roof insulation, Alpha Building and Heating are on hand.

We offer a range of grants for homeowners and landlords so you can enjoy a more thermally efficient home in no time at all. Find out if your eligible today and we will guide you through the process making it as smooth as possible.

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Insulation Types

Help your home to retain the heat in your home, in turn, making your home more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We install a range of insulation types in homes throughout Birmingham and surrounding towns, including:

Internal Wall Insulation

Internal wall insulation is the most effective way to insulate your solid walls to retain a sufficient amount of warmth in your home in Birmingham. An important factor to note if you are thinking of internally insulating your walls is if you have a solid external wall with no cavity. However, we can do this research for you to find out when we survey your home!

If you are looking to maintain a warmer home throughout the year and in turn become less reliant on your heating, then get in touch with Alpha Building and Heating. We can help your home to achieve unrivalled levels of thermal efficiency.

External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is the ideal way of further enhancing the warmth in your home without compromising on the outside aesthetic of your property in Birmingham. Around 45% of the energy of your home can be lost through your walls, so it is important to protect that by insulating your external walls.

We wrap the building in a thermally resistant envelope to maximise the internal temperature of your home. Insulating your home is the ideal way of saving money on your heating bills because you will become less reliant on your heating during the colder months in the year.

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation can also help to increase the comfort in your home in Birmingham throughout the entire year. Investing in loft insulation will ensure that your home can retain all the heat. Heat typically rises, so if your loft isn’t insulated, you will find that heat is lost through your loft.

So in time for the colder months, why not ensure that your home is ready to retain its heat and save your household pennies on the energy bills and insulate your loft. You will also find that you lower your carbon emissions too as you are using less energy.

Room in Roof Insulation

Even in sloped areas of your roof, room in roof insulation is the ideal way of retaining the warmth in your home. You could save up to £150 per year on your heating bills when you insulate your roof and reduce the amount of heat loss in your home by as much as 25%.

We insulate the walls and the ceiling of your room in the roof, covered with plaster so you can even decorate the space to enjoy as an additional room in your home. Extend the space of your home and enjoy a more thermally efficient property when you choose room in roof insulation.

Internal Wall Installation Process

External Wall Insulation Process

Loft Insulation Process

Room in Roof Insulation Process

Why Choose Alpha Building and Heating?

We have a wealth of industry knowledge within the building and heating home improvement sector, so we can be sure to only provide you with the highest quality products and installations. Choose from our range of insulation types, boilers, central heating and electric storage heating. Whatever your home improvement requirements we can cater for you.

Our team of experts are always on hand to help you make the right building or heating decisions for your home in Birmingham. Whatever your budget and property style, we ensure that every one of our customers receives the same quality service.

Choose from our range of grant schemes that can help you receive our quality products in no time at all. We are proud members of Checkatrade, Gas Safe and a host of other benefits so you can be sure to have chosen the right accredited company for your home in Birmingham

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