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Insulate Your Home With Alpha

Improve the heat of your Walsall property with our internal wall insulation. Our insulation services ensure your home retains as much heat as possible, without letting it seep out.

It is also expertly engineered to keep cold draughts out of your home. This is vital in the colder winter months where there is an abundance of cold winds.

For a cost-effective solution to insulate solid-walled properties, opt for our internal wall insulation. Find out more by getting in touch with us today.


Why Choose Internal Wall Insulation?

Internal wall insulation is ideal for those wanting a higher heat retention system in their Walsall home. It’s ideal for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year long. During winter, where heating is essential, our internal wall insulation will utilise the existing heat in your home.

During warmer months, the high-performance insulation will prevent the outside air from overheating your home. This is a step up from older insulation methods that couldn’t regulate temperatures as effectively as modern insulation.

With the internal wall insulation comes a reduction in energy bills. This is because you are using your heating system less, as less of it can escape. With lower annual heating bills, your carbon footprint will decrease. This is ideal as an environmentally friendly solution to heating your Walsall home.


Modern Engineering

The manufacturing of internal wall insulation uses modern techniques. This ensures maximum heat retention in your Walsall home. It is engineered from thermally advanced composite studs and insulation slabs. When these are used together, they create a thicker layer for your home. Our internal wall insulation holds much higher performance values than its outdated counterpart.

Exceptional Thermal Performance

We use market leading materials in our insulation. This is to ensure you receive quality that will last for years. During winter, where a warm home is paramount, the insulation is incredibly thermally efficient. Additionally, during summer, the insulation prevents excess heat from entering the house. Your Walsall property will maintain an optimum temperature throughout every season.


Our internal wall insulation has the option to be fitted with a vapour control layer. This innovative addition prevents condensation from forming in your home. With condensation comes unwanted mould growth. This not only causes problems for your home but also the potential to damage your health. To ensure mould and damp are kept at bay, our quality materials are made to last for years.

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Installation Process

Despite being installed within your house, the entire process of internal wall insulation is incredibly efficient. As there is no need for planning permission, we provide a prompt service which is less complex than other installations. Our easy process works closely with you from start to finish.


Our experienced team will attend your home and carry out a thorough wall survey. Here we will answer any of your questions, so you understand our full process.


We make our initial preparations to your home, ready to install. This includes preparing heaters and service cables so we can carry out the work efficiently without causing internal issues.

Applying the Frame

We will then attend the property to apply the frame internally. This will only be completed on the external walls as internal walls are not usually required to have insulation.

Applying the Insulation

Following this, we will find a suitable time to apply the insulation itself. We will cause as little impact on your schedule as possible. We will apply the plasterboard and skim over the walls.


Following our work, the insulated walls are there for you to decorate however you please. Our team will be on hand if you have any questions at the end of our process.

Why Choose Alpha?

Our knowledge here at Alpha is widespread across a variety of home improvement services. Not only are we specialists in insulation, but our team includes boiler fitters and scaffolders. The team all have their expert knowledge with years of experience in the field.

We offer guidance and expertise when fitting internal wall insulation in your Walsall home. Additionally, we work with a variety of budgets and property types, so everyone customer receives quality service.

Here at Alpha, we are proud members of both Checkatrade and Gas Safe, so you are guaranteed a reliable company. We also hold several other accreditations, which are highly recognised int eh industry. You can rely on us for professionalism.


Internal Wall Insulation Prices Walsall

Our internal wall insulations are fitted with the highest quality materials by an extremely efficient team. We work with a variety of budgets and house sizes. Therefore, our prices vary depending on your specifications.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our prices. Just use our online contact form, and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, you may want to speak to our team directly. Just give our office a call on 0121 289 5815 to ask us any questions about our internal wall insulation service.

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