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Loft Insulation With Alpha

Here at Alpha, we expertly install loft insulation in Walsall. Keep your home a comfortable temperature all year long. Our loft insulations will reduce your energy bills as your Walsall house stays warmer for longer.

As well as keeping the heat in, loft insulation keeps the cold out, creating an effective barrier. This is ideal for winter where unwanted drafts could seep into your Walsall home. The longevity of loft insulation makes for a worthwhile investment.

We use the best materials on the market to ensure the best quality for you. Our team work promptly, respectfully and strive to deliver exceptional service.

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Do I need loft insulation?

Loft insulation is perfect for heat retention. During the colder months, your central heating will be on more often, meaning your energy bills will rise. With insulation, you don’t have to keep your heating on as long as your home will be warmer.

This is because the insulation utilises the warmth, so you won’t have to rely on heating in your Walsall property. Reduce your carbon footprint in the process as your energy bills will drop significantly.


Our process involves our expert team efficiently fitting your loft insulation. We will attend your home in Walsall to take an initial survey and observe the space. This is, so you get a personal fitting for your property.

To save you worrying about your current insulation, we will remove it to make room. From the initial survey and sizing, we will manufacture your new loft insulation to shape. Here we will make sure there is no excess trim, and everything will fit perfectly. We will then lay it out efficiently, avoiding cables, lights and water pipes.



Suitable For All Properties

The beauty of loft insulation is versatility. We can fit it into a wide range of properties, no matter what the style. Our previous projects have included bigger builds, smaller lofts and everything in between. We can accommodate your property, so get in touch and see how we can help you today!

Energy Efficient

The innovation of loft insulation means it keeps your Walsall home at an ideal temperature year long. While loft insulation is known for retaining heat during the winter, our product is different. During the summer months, our loft insulation stops your home and attic getting stuffy, by keeping it at an optimum temperature.

Premium Materials

You can rest assured that you are getting the best with Alpha. The materials we use are of the highest quality that has been thermally tested. This is so your investment will maintain the highest level of performance. With us, you get a premium product with premium service. 


No, this isn’t a problem at all! We can lay insulation on top of the floorboards easily. However, we can also remove the floorboards and start our process from scratch if you wish.

The process is quite easy and will minimally impact on your schedule. It will be quicker with a loft free of space so we can carry it out quickly. From our survey, we note down the areas we want to target and work accordingly.

Physically, pipework won’t change the process as we can lay it over or around the pipework. However, this may affect the cost if there are more than 20 linear metres of pipework to cover. This will be made clear in the survey!

Yes, absolutely! Thin ceiling joists might be hidden behind the insulation. So be wary of moving around your loft. If you choose, we can fit a walkway to help you navigate around your attic.

Why Choose Alpha?

Our team at Alpha have a wealth of knowledge in the home improvement industry. We consist of a specialist team with years of experience. We are incredibly dedicated to each of our Walsall customers, provide you with high standards of professionalism. As well as loft insulation, we fit central heating systems and boilers.

We offer the whole range; customers can choose any or all our services. You may not realise that your boiler needs replacing, or your central heating is giving you low energy ratings. Therefore, we suggest thorough checks to see how we can help your Walsall home!


Loft Insulation Prices Walsall

The prices of our loft insulation vary. As each attic is different, we will see how we can fit our insulation in your space. Our survey will provide a price that will suit your budget.

Get in touch with us today via our contact page. From here we can give you a non-obligatory quote. Additionally, we will arrange a survey for a time that suits you.

Alternatively, you can give our office a call today on 0121 289 5815. Speak to one of our team directly, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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