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Insulate Your Home With Alpha

Keep heat circulating your Walsall home with our Room in Roof insulation. This type of insulation is ideal for properties with extra space in their roof. Your home will maintain a comfortable temperature throughout with our room in roof insulation.

The insulations are perfect for those with loft conversions who want better home insulation. They reduce energy bills significantly for an economical answer to heating your home.

Why Choose a Room in Roof Insulation?



Room in roof insulation is a cost-effective solution to warming up your home. This is because you will use your heating much less and for shorter periods. This form of heat retention works by having boarding in between the rafters. This is set under the existing plasterboard walls to retain as much heat as possible.

This insulation will utilise the existing heat in your Walsall home for a comfortable property all year long. With your heating bills reducing, you will also reduce your carbon footprint with this economical solution.

Room in roof installations could save you up to £150 a year on your heating bills. This will add up considerably in the long run. It can also reduce the heat loss in your home by up to 25%, an exceptional answer to heating your Walsall house.

The room in roof insulation is not just excellent at keeping heat in. It also excels at keeping the cold out. Following tests on weather resistance, the insulation keeps draughts out of your roof and consequently your home. This means you can enjoy your living space without the worry of cold air circulating your Walsall property.

Innovative Design

For a layer of protection from the unpredictable weather outside, our room in roof insulation is expertly fitted. It involves insulation boards installed in between the rafters in your loft space. This is then hidden behind existing plasterboard.

The fitting of the insulation ensures maximum protection from the outside elements. The durable insulation structure has been tested on its ability to keep wet weather out, reaching high standards in the result. You won’t have to worry about leaks in your home with a strong barrier in place.


We all aim to invest in a home improvement product that is made to last. Our room in roof insulation will perform at a high level all year round. With winter comes significantly colder weather. However out insulation will keep this at bay, while keeping your heat inside.

With summer comes the worry that insulation will overheat your home. However, our advanced room in roof insulation will prevent excess heat from entering your Walsall home. Relax at home any time of year with our high-quality insulation.

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There are a few requirements that mean you can benefit from the room in roof insulation. The room must only be accessed by stairs, not attic ladders. Additionally, you must ensure the loft isn’t just another storey in your home in Walsall. If you are unsure of this, just check that at least 50% of the vertical walls are not above 1.8 metres.

Installation Process

Our entire process is completed with professionalism and efficiency. Our entire team commit to promptly fitting a high-quality product to ensure your home is comfortable. We complete the installation in three easy steps:

Initial Survey

One of our expert team will attend your home to survey the space. This is to see the suitability of the room and plan how we will fit the insulation

Prep Insulation

Room in roof insulation is manufactured to an exact shape that will fit your loft space. As you may be limited to space, we will design the perfect product for your home.


We will then attend your property on an agreed date to fit the room in roof insulation. This part of the process will disrupt your schedule as little as possible, with no stress for yourself.

Why Choose Alpha?

Fitting a room in roof insulation requires a skilled team. At Alpha, we take care and consideration throughout the entire process. Regarding your safety, we are meticulous in planning ventilation and fire safety. We take precautions as the safety of our customers is paramount in our work. We will offer advice and guidance throughout the entire process, working closely with your specifications.

Our team consist of a group of skilled individuals, all with years of experience in the home improvement industry. We are proud to be members of Checktrade, Gas Safe, along with various other accreditations. Choose Alpha today for a reliable, efficient company who put customer service at the forefront of our work.


Room in Roof Insulation Prices Walsall

Each fitting is bespoke to your space and requirements. Therefore, our prices may vary between customers.

Get in touch with us today to find out about our prices. Just use our contact page, and we’ll get back to you shortly. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our room in roof insulations.

We are also happy to talk through any of our other services to improve your Walsall home. Give our office a call to speak to use directly on 0121 289 5815. We look forward to hearing from you!

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