Underfloor Insulation Birmingham

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Underfloor Insulation Birmingham

Underfloor insulation is an exceptional method to keep your property warm and comfortable. Heat loss could occur from either the fabric within the floor or through small gaps. This is why underfloor heating is fundamental not only for a warmer house but for reduced energy bills.

The insulating is fitted under the floorboards or to seal the gaps. When it comes to heating your floors, its usually only the ground floor that needs insulating, as there’s little to no heat rising to it. A floor on an upper level won’t need insulating as heat will rise to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Underfloor heating involves either wet or dry systems. Wet is a water-based method involving a series of pipes pumping water around your floor. Dry systems are electric, combing a network of wires under the flooring. We are happy to discuss our methods with you to determine which is best for your home.

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Underfloor Insulation Birmingham

Types of Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation is a method of retain heat within your home, saving you money with reduced energy consumption. This is beneficial to any home, yet makes more of an impact when the home is above a cold space, such as a basement. There are two floor types which determine how the insulation is fitted, suspended and solid floors. Suspended floors are recognised with a void beneath the structure, making it easy for insulation to be fitted below the joists. Solid floor insulation maybe not require insulation but once installed it will still offer a more efficient and warmer floor. This method involves layering up as there would not be access below. Underlays can be fitted to prevent unwanted moisture and reduce unwanted noise.

  • Reduces condensation and mould growth
  • More comfortable, warmer home
  • Better savings on your energy bills
  • Fitted externally with little disruption
  • Finished ready for decoration

Benefits of Underfloor Insulation


Underfloor insulation could significantly save you money once installed. Your energy bills will start to decrease as you rely less on your heating. The insulation traps warmth within your property, but also regulates your property from becoming too warm in the summer months.

Thermal Efficiency 

Underfloor heating can be fitted on a wide span of the floor. This means it distributes heat evenly throughout your home. No longer will you have to worry about cold spots or underfloor draughts, as the floor will stay warm and comfortable despite this.


Due to the location of this insulation, you won’t have any unsightly materials following the fitting. As underfloor insulation is hidden, your decor won’t be spoiled. Bulky radiators could take up excessive room in your house, yet underfloor heating is concealed for your benefit.  

Add Value

Underfloor heating is an attractive part of any home. You can add value to your property for potential buyers. This method of insulation has a fantastic reputation in its functionality and seamless installation. Enhance your home when you choose underfloor insulation.

Installation Process


Our professional team can efficiently install underfloor heating in a matter of hours. They will ensure we impact very little on your schedule.

Yes, underfloor heating can significantly help with sound disturbances. You can enjoy a comfortable home without the issue of excessive noise.

Instantly! Underfloor insulation will make your home feel warmer almost immediately after the fitting, so you can reap the benefits straightaway.

Underfloor Insulation Prices Birmingham

Enhance your Birmingham home with our fantastic underfloor heating. Get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our friendly team, who will be more than happy to offer you a quote. Alternatively, you can give our office a call on 0121 289 5815‬ and we’ll answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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